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Various Meeting In Arab Health 2020

Tomato MNC

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Good day!

Eventhough this time we did not set our booth in Arab Health, but we had a great meeting with our regular customers and potential customers too.

Might as you well understood, the medical devices business has very unique business trend.

Before leaving Korea, i have a one question for business ethics, maybe that comes from my reading at that time, The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.

What kinds of business ethics, we need to success!

Like a Machiavellism,,

I had a answer from my customers and partners and friends.

I believe they live as a successful person, they spent their time and energy like a success.

They think and speak like a success.

They do and lead their market like a success.

They do not only follow money and they lead their people and their money.

These are not comes from Machiavellism, I has seen these came from their right well intentioned efforts.

It was so happy time for me and for our company as we had that kinds of partner and freind and customer.

And we are expecting to meet again each other!

Best regards

Tomato MNC.

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