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Tomato Orthopedic SPLINT is moisture resistant, lightweight, strong, breathable, X-ray translucent, durable and can be removed easily.
Tomato Orthopedic SPLINT, with its excellent flexibility and compactibility, is easy and simple to use for patients
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Unopened Tomato Orthopedic SPLINT should be stored in a cool dry atmosphere at room temperature of 15 to 30℃.
Higher or lower temperature may affect the shelf life of three years after the manufacture. Care should be taken to avoid punching and damaging the pouch, which will cause the premature hardening of the orthopedic products (for the roll type orthopedic splint, it should be used up within one month after resealing the pouch).
1. Each orthopedic splint roll should be gently squeezed to the opening for checking suitability for application. Unopened rolls should be soft and flexible. Do not use the roll that feels hard (for the roll type splint, if the edge is hardened after reselling, cut off the hardened part and use the remaining soft part).
2. Wearing surgical gloves is not need for handling the orthopedic splint. But the polyurethane resin could adhere firmly to unprotected skin, hair and clothing, and may cause a mild irritation. Therefore, always wear protective gloves to apply and use alcohol or acetone before removing the polymer.
3. Uncomfortable increase of heat can be caused during hardening by excessive layering of tape or immersing in water at temperature above 27℃.
4. All application of these orthopedic products should be followed according to instructions of doctors or qualified medical professionals.
5. Orthopedic Products should be stored out of reach of children.