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Tomato Cast 1inch *4yds

Tomato MNC

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How are you! Everyone~

Today i would like to show our 1inch cast that is providing to our overseas customer.

Yes, we have 1inch casting tape and 1inch splint too.

They are manufacturing by our production team very smoothly.

1inch is 2.5cm width (In case of Cast 1inch product, we use oem packing al pouch)

Before i checking production situation, actually i'm little bit worried about whether our whole system goes well to produce this kind of small goods.

However after checking the production situation, i feel, Wow! Perpect!

It's like normal production situation. ^^

Have a good day!

Tomato mnc

June 19th, 2019

Once we got some test inquiry from overseas customer, we tested our machine to produce cast 3.6m like normal length.

We don't know why we are concerning.

Before having a  test, we thought it could will collapse, if we increased its length from 1.8m to 3.6m.

Wow! Our concenring was miles out! Eventhough a few goods's shape is not like perfect than other normal size. However, majority of goods are perfect!


We are happy to release our good test result to our customer!

#Tomato Poly Cast 1INCH*3.6M #Tomato Fiber Cast 1INCH*3.6M

#Made By Tomato M&C Co.,Ltd. IN Korea.

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