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We hope everyone's safety and its true happiness.

In these day, doing manufacturer is so tough.

According to changing of industrial structure, S,Korea already had developed advanced businss model. I mean the service industry was bigger than manufacturing industry already.

I am still wearing 25 years old cloeses sucu as jackets, pans and shirts, even last winter too.

Of course, they were whole made in Kroea. 

Under influence of COVID 19, we are very difficult to get raw material from overseas. The majority of materials comes from China and yes,it is difficult season.

To make one cast and one splint, we need strong cooperation. If we count this each related point for our one product, can we guess how many points are related?

Supplier's purchasing manager, processing persion, delivery person and their family

Our factory production team(fabric knitting and processing, resin processing, produciton, product releasing department) sales person, account person, and our family.

Making product, Sales and Distributing product, and our final customer.

We are whole one team.

We hope our goods can make more good chance to whole related industry.

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